The Benefits of Hindsight

March 31, 2014 0 By Mike Elek

10thgradeI suppose that if we were all able to rewind the tapes of our lives, we might make different choices.

Let’s revisit my 10th grade class photo.

This was in the day before they shot five different poses, and you got to select your favorite. This was in the day when you sat in front of a screen, smiled, “click” and away you went.

It usually was in the auditorium or lunch room or maybe the school gymnasium.

On this day, I’m sure that I felt my long hair would make up for my inability to grow sideburns. And that shirt was a favorite, mostly because it was warm, and I didn’t look too skinny in it. I think that I usually paired this shirt with searsucker-print pants. Wow!

In hindsight, my hair would have been shorter, and I’d have worn a plain pullover.

But there is one thing about the past. You can never undo it. You can only learn from it.