The Squirrel Under the Grill

May 18, 2006 0 By Mike Elek

A squirrel got run over recently. He was in the middle of the road for several days. And then he disappeared.

A couple of days later, I went outside to grill some food. I noticed a furry thing sticking out from under the grill. It was the tail of the late squirrel. At first I thought that our dog, Winston, had dragged him from the middle of the road. But then I remembered that he is restricted by the Invisible Fence, so it couldn’t have been him.

I got the snow shovel from of the garage, scooped up the victim and threw it over the hillside. It still smelled like roadkill.

The chipmunks are taking over our yard. And the neighbors’ yards too, I think. I was talking with our neighbors, Sue and Keith, last week. And a little “chippie,” as we call them, was racing back and forth. A guy at work, Jim McKinnon, says his dad called them, “cute rats.”

Either Winston, a raccoon or a squirrel keeps getting into the drip can on the grill. The drip can collects all of the grease that drips down into the grill. Basically, it’s fat. But some animal has been raiding it on a regular basis since last October. I’d really like to catch the offender in the act.

I believe that the critter that is raiding the drip can has little paws that can grasp things. That sort of rules out Winston. I’m going to go with either squirrel or raccoon.

The chippies have created this vast underground tunnel network. It’s probably more impressive than what you would have seen on the “Hogan’s Heroes” television show from the 1960s. Several parts of the yard have collapsed, probably because of tunnel cave-ins. I have to get a huge pile of dirt and fill in these holes.

My wife, Lin, said one of the neighbors heard that there is a wild coyote in the area. It crossed my mind that maybe it was the creature that put the roadkill under the grill. There are a lot of unanswered questions in Squirrelgate. How soon did the creature put it there? And who else saw him?