‘There Is Something Wrong With Your Windows Computer …’

‘There Is Something Wrong With Your Windows Computer …’

April 13, 2014 0 By Mike Elek

Since August, we’ve been getting these highly annoying telephone calls from parts unknown, although the accent tells me it’s from India.

It first started with the gentleman telling me, “There is something wrong with your Dell computer.”

That would be fine for the small fact that I don’t own a Dell computer. There is an old one that was left in the house, and it gets turned on about twice a year. I don’t have the password to it, so there really is no reason for me to use it.

At one time, Dell sold the most computers in the U.S., so the chance of someone having a Dell in their home was quite high. That’s no longer the case.

Now, the scammer (let’s stop calling him a gentleman) informed me that “there is something wrong with your Windows computer.” This scammer then wanted me to log in to a particular site so he could “inspect” the computer.

A big red flag goes up. I am sure the intent is to drop a piece of malware on my computer in the background and then steal all of my passwords and personal information. For the uninformed, this is how people steal your information.

This went on for several weeks, before the calls tailed off around Christmas. Then they started up again in February.

I’ve decided that this is war, and there’s no reason to be pleasant. Despite me telling them directly, “Don’t call here again,” and hanging up, the scammer called back the next day.

At one point, it got testy. He told my wife, “Why are you lying to me?”

She yelled something memorable (no profanity) and slammed down the phone. Well, really just pushed the “End call” button. I miss the good old days of the big black telephone with the dial on the face. There was some satisfaction in ending an unpleasant call by slamming the phone down on its receiver.

The calls stopped. Or so I thought.

Last week, the scammer returned, and I stood by while my wife had a very entertaining discussion with him.

The short version: There is nothing wrong with my Windows computer, except for the Windows 8 Metro interface, but let’s not get into that here.

If someone calls you on the phone and tells you there is, they are up to no good. Hang up the phone.

I also had to incorporate Captcha to block the dreaded spambots, which were beginning to pepper my site with bogus spam-filled comments.