Zeiss Ikon Nettax photos

I was very pleased with the performance of the uncoated Tessar. There is an aging process that sometimes occurs with older uncoated lenses. It's known as blooming and results in an iridescent color over the surface of the lens.

Some have compared it with lens coating and say that such a lens that exhibits this can be as effective as a coated lens. In any case, these shots were helped by the overcast weather on some days. However, the Tessar was able to handle a high-contrast situation very nicely.

The performance of the Tessar is very typical of this lens. From f/2.8 to f/5.6, when focusing at objects that are roughly 4 to 10 feet from the camera, the backgrounds are rendered with a definite roundness to them (see No. 1 and No. 3 on the first row). Once you've closed the lens to f/8 or smaller, things smooth out, which you can see in No. 3 in the second row.

The Tessar is capable of recording very fine detail. The determining factor on many uncoated lenses is its physical condition, especially the presence of cleaning marks. Most older lenses have them. With this camera, there were very few cleaning marks, so contrast isn't affected much, if at all.

I suspect this lens would flare quite easily, because the front element sits very close to the face of the bezel. I have tried to keep this in mind when I'm out with the camera and have repositioned myself when possible to avoid the sun from striking the lens at an oblique angle.


Kodak Gold 200
typical Tessar performance

Dogwood after rain

Agfa Vista 200
check out drop of rain
on the branch

The tire swing

Kodak Gold 200
my standard

Vibrant flowers

Kodak Gold 200
Very sharp

Wet ivy

Agfa Vista 200
The Tessar captured
the left-over rain

White and blue

Agfa Vista 200
An overcast day
helped cut down
on glare

Penn Avenue

Kodak Gold 200
Very nice tones
from the old Tessar

Cultural District

Kodak Gold 200
A high-contrast scene
handled fairly easily

PPG puddle

Agfa Vista 200
The water was
rippling a bit

Many posters

Agfa Vista 200
The Tessar excels
at flat objects.

Ready to bloom

Agfa Vista 200
Some more
backyard flora

Green and iron

Agfa Vista 200
Nice blacks
and greens