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Since August 2000, I've been living in Hong Kong. Here are some photos from my first roll of film with the Bessa-R and the 35mm f/2.5 pancake lens. These were taken on Kodak's chromogenic black and white film that uses the C-41 process. (Note: If you're using a pop-up ad blocker, you'll need to temporarily disable it or use a keyboard workaround. For example, my utility requires you to hold down the Ctrl key when clicking the mouse to allow a pop-up.)

Click on the thumbnail photos to see a larger version:

Hong Kong at night
Central District at night

Off Queen's Road, Hong Kong
Near Queen's Road East.

Trolley Tracks
Trolley tracks in Central District.

Snake Shop Snake shop in Wan Chai District.

Back of trolley
Back of Trolley No. 70.

Old building in Central District.

Traffic in Wan Chai.

Modern office.

Outside of office building in Central District.

Wan Chai Market.