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Technical Details
Voigtländer Bessa-R (front view)

Voigtländer Bessa-R (top view)

Voigtländer Bessa-R (back view)

Information for this page was compiled from the Voigtländer manual, as well as THK Photo's and Cosina's Web sites.

Camera type

Modern 35mm rangefinder camera system with interchangeable lenses.


Coupled rangefinder with adjustable frame lines and automatic parallax correction.

Lens mount 39mm L-screw mount

Shutter Mechanically controlled, vertically traveling metal focal-plane shutter with speeds of 1 second to 1/2000 second, plus Bulb. A second shutter is used to ensure there is no light leakage.

Exposure meter TTL (through the lens) system that employs a silicon cell, which reads light reflected from the 18%-gray colored shutter curtain. Center-weighted averaging meter is linked to three LEDs inside viewfinder.

Film speed range

ISO 25-3200 by 1/3 steps

Film advance

Single-stroke nonratcheted lever with 135-degree throw and 30-degree standoff.

Self timer Noncancelable self timer with 10-second delay.

Flash terminal Hot shoe on top of camera for nonproprietary flash. Also, X-synchronization terminal on the side of the camera. Camera synchronizes with flash at 1/125 second or slower.

Dimensions 5.3" (W) X 3.1"(H) X 1.3"(D)
(135.5mm, 78.5mm, 33.5mm)

Weight (body) 11.2 oz (320g)