Links and other information

Manufacturers' links
Zeiss Ikon Web site
   Carl Zeiss AG
   Cosina (Japan)

Internet discussions
These groups are free but require registration, which helps to keep out spammers. Some of the sites accept donations.
   Analog Photography Users Group
     The Camera Collector
    Zeiss Ikon collector's group on Yahoo

Books on Zeiss Ikon AG history and classic cameras
"Zeiss Ikon 1926-1939," by D.B.Tubbs, Hove Collectors Books
   "Zeiss Compendium East and West 1940-1972," by Charles M. Barringer and
     Marc James Small, Hove Collectors Books
   "Collecting and Using Classic Cameras," by Ivor Mantanle, Thames & Hudson
   "On The Trail of the Contax / Volume II: Contax History From 1945 Until Today,"
      by Hans-Jurgen Kuc

Miscellaneous links
Zeiss Historica Society
   Pacific Rim Camera

Film processing
I'm going to try to maintain a list of high-quality mail-order film processing companies. If you have any to recommend, send me a note.
   ABC Photo Lab, Mystic, Conn., (800) 572-0212, ext. 105
   A&I Photo, Hollywood, Ca., (888) 666-5199
   Dan's Camera City, Allentown, Pa., (610) 434-2313
   Flair Pro Color Lab, Gainesville, Fla. (800) 741-6004
   Rochester Photographic, Rochester, N.Y., (585) 461-2312
   Specialty & Color Services, Santa Barbara, Ca., (805) 965-1832
   Specialty Photographic Laboratories, Santa Barbara, Ca., (800) 207-7927