Zeiss Ikon user log

Here's where I'll post my thoughts on the Zeiss Ikon camera and lenses through the first six months or year -- at the point where everyone is sick to death of reading it, and I'm sick to death of writing it.
Day 1 -- arrival (11/10/05)
First roll of film (11/12/05)
More on ergonomics (11/13/05)
Kodak Gold (11/14/05)
Two rolls (11/16/05)
Briefly (11/17/05)
One-week review (11/19/05)
The shutter (11/21/05)
Comments on quality (11/25/05)
More Kodak Gold 200 (11/26/05)
Quick getaway (11/30/05)
Revisiting the past (12/03/05)
A problem and a half case (12/11/05) 
The return of the Zeiss Ikon (1/16/06)
Quick report (2/10/06)
Luigi half case (2/11/06)
So anyhoo ... (2/16/06)
Viewfinder paranoia (3/1/06)
Technical Pan (3/8/06)
Toronto and beyond (3/19/06)
Taking a break (4/29/06)

Still great (10/18/06)
What shutter noise? (10/28/06)
One year with the Zeiss Ikon

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