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What You'll Find

On this part of my site, you'll find mini-reviews of the cameras that I have owned. Most I still have and use. Some of the cameras have been sold to make way for others. And some have been given away.

Several of the mini-reviews include links to sample photographs or a more complete review.


Reviews of the Pentax MX, Komaflex-S, Ihagee Exakta 66, Zeiss Ikon S 312, Ansco Memo, Konica C35 Automatic..

Plus, replacing the "Pad of Death" on a Yashica Electro 35.

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IMPORTANT NOTE TO EBAY SELLERS: Do not steal information from this site to include in your listing. You are welcome to link to any page on this site, but you may not copy photos or information verbatim (word for word) and paste it into your description.

– Mike Elek

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