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Agfa Solinette II

Solinette II

Style, film format Folding 35mm zone focus

Lens, shutter Coated 50mm f/3.5 Solinar, Synchro-Compur

Photo quality Very good

Ergonomics Excellent

This is one of two folding 35mm cameras that are based on the same design. These cameras also are from the 1950s.

There may have been a Solinette I, but I haven't seen one.

This is one of the higher-end models, as it is fitted with a coated Agfa Solinar in a Synchro-Compur shutter.

The Solinette is a zone-focus camera, which means that you must guess on the distance to your subject. If you're not good at guessing, then you probably should buy a small handheld rangefinder, which is what the previous owner used.

Photos from this camera are very good. A little soft wide open, but generally sharp.

It's a nice little camera that isn't too heavy and will give you decent photos most of the time. The top deck is very clean, and the camera has a symmetry that you will notice immediately.