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Voigtlander Vitomatic IIb

Voigtlander Vitomatic IIb

Style, film format Fixed-lens 35mm rangefinder with coupled match-needle selenium meter

Lens, shutter Coated f/2.8 50mm Color-Skopar, Prontor leaf shutter

Photo quality Very good

Ergonomics Small camera that is easy to use

As a big fan of the Voigtlander Vito B, I always wish that it had a rangefinder.

Introducing the Vitomatic IIb, which is very close in size to the original Vito B, being just a bit taller.

Into this diminutive package, Voigtlander packed an excellent Color-Skopar lens, a coupled selenium match-needle meter and a rangefinder. Everything is set in a Prontor shutter that offers a full range of speeds, from 1 second to 1/500 plus B and self-timer.

Unlike the Vito B, the Vitomatic IIb features a front-mounted release, which always take a bit of practice to get a feel for how to take a photo without moving the camera.

From inside the viewfinder, two prism reflect into the right corner shutter speeds 60-500, and the associated aperture setting. However, because you can't see the slower speeds, you'll have to forgo that luxury when the light isn't as good.

The match-needle system is simple to use. The translucent disk on the top of the camera reflects ambient light to the meter needle, so that it's visible in all but the darkest environments. Just don't cover it with your finger.

The focusing ring is at the front, so you simply turn the ring until the two objects in the central portion of the viewfinder align. That's it.

There is a rewind crank, which is always easier than a rewind knob, as well as a real hot shoe for flash synchronization.

The camera is small, and it crosses into the "cute camera" category. I doubt that anyone will object to you using the Voigtlander Vitomatic IIb.