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Konica I

Konica I

Style, film format  35mm with coupled rangefinder

Lens, shutter Collapsible, coated 50mm f/3.5 Hexar, Konirapid

Photo quality Very good to excellent

Ergonomics Very good; shutter release is on lens

In the early 1950s, Konica produced three rangefinder cameras, aptly named the Konica I, Konica II and Konica III.

This is the Konica I. If you think it looks a lot like an early Leica, you're right. The knob wind is similar, as is the focusing lever for the fixed lens.

The Konica I has an excellent combined rangefinder/viewfinder and a sharp coated lens set in a Konirapid shutter. The shutter-cocking lever and release are on the lens. The release requires a very light touch.

Double exposures are possible, so you have to get into the habit of winding after each exposure. That way, you're not left wondering whether you've advanced the film.

Photos with this camera are very sharp. It's a slightly heavy camera, and it doesn't have any strap lugs. So if you don't have the leather case (and I don't), then you have to either keep it in a camera bag, or keep it in your hands.