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Style, film format Fixed-lens 35mm viewfinder camera

Lens, shutter Uncoated f/3.5 5cm Etar IV, leaf shutter

Photo quality Very good

Ergonomics Good overall for a small camera

This turned up on eBay with a "Buy It Now" price of about $35. I did, and I'm glad that I did.

Finding information about the Etareta proved to be quite a challenge, because there just isn't much written about it in the U.S.

The Etareta comes from Czechoslovakia, which has been known for its artistic ventures although not necessarily its cameras. Meopta has a strong following of users with its twin-lens reflex and its enlargers. After that, you don't see much mention of Czech cameras.

The Etareta is a solidly built simple camera. It has a limited number of shutter speeds and a decent range of apertures. The Etareta features a collapsible lens. Pull out and twist counterclockwise to lock it into place. Twist clockwise to unlock the lens so that it can be collapsed.

Loading the film is a bit tricky and probably was much easier when film leaders were significantly longer.

Like many cameras with leaf shutters, the release is the arm that protrudes from the side of the assembly -- not on the top deck -- so you must use some care when taking your photo, so that you don't move the camera.

The overall fit and finish of the camera is excellent. If you're looking for something that's a bit different, see if you can find an Etareta.