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Zeiss Ikon Ikonette VP 127 features

To do something a bit different, here are some photos that show off the Zeiss Ikon Ikonette vest pocket camera.

The mighty two-element Frontar lens.The scratch to the left of the Zeiss Ikon logo was caused by the rail on the lens door. I imagine it's been striking the shutter housing for decades.

With the lens and bellows collapsed. This
camera is loaded. Note there is no cover for
the red window. Be cautious when using the
camera in bright sunlight.

A very compact camera ... perhaps the perfect
size for a vest pocket! Lifting the little chrome
tab unlatches the lens door. It also helps the
camera stand erect. See the photo to the left.

This unlocks the two-piece body. Move the small button to the right, and you can pull the body apart.
The waist-level brilliant viewfinder is typical of
that era. Most featured a "Swiss cross"-style frame. The vertical rectangle is used for
portraits, while the horizontal is for landscapes.
The two-position focusing scale:
2 (meters) and infinity.

Top: The back partially removed.
Middle: Same thing, but as viewed from the
front of the camera.
Bottom: The two-piece body.

Top: Loaded with a roll of Efke 127 black-and-
white film. When loading, stop advancing the
film when you see the two black pointers.
Middle: Slide the loaded body into the shell. Easy does it.
Bottom: Make sure the rails of the back interlock with the rails on the main part of the camera body. This is very important. This might take a couple of attempts. Then work the body until the two pieces are fully seated and locked.