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Agfa Optima-Parat photos

The Optima-Parat features a 30mm lens, which barely extends forward from the body.
The bottom deck has the locking lever for the back and the count-down frame counter. The ever-ready case has a cutout so you can view the frame number while the camera is in the case. The frame counter counts down, so you set the maximum number of frames when you load the camera. When it reaches 0, you can rewind the film.
The top deck is clean. From left: Rewind crank, film speed dial, rewind button and hot shoe. This is a modern rewind button. You only need to press once.
The back of the camera is equally clean. Just the eyepiece and the film advance.
Parat negative
In German fashion, the back is removed from the camera when loading or removing film. You can see how the cutout for the negative is rather small. What looks like a small nick in the film gate actually is a semi-circle, which gives the negative a distinctive mark. Sort of like the Hasselblad.

The Agfa Optima-Parat in its case and ready for photography.